Biker Bells by Noble Ride Bells

The ride bell, also known as the biker bell, is a symbol of brotherhood and friends, loved ones past and present.

It is said that if you buy yourself a bell it offers powerful protection to you and your bike, and if you give or receive a bell it holds twice the protective powers. Some believe the legends, while others simply feel that it is never a bad idea to give or accept a gift from a good friend.

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Each Noble Ride Bell is hand-crafted using high quality materials. The bells come in your choice of three metal selections: Brass & Bronze / Brass & Nickel Silver / All Nickel Silver

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The design of our bell is a closed bottom style as opposed to the open bottom style seen in many of the ride bells on the market today. The advantage of this style is that they are designed to always ring, and there is nothing that a Road Gremlin hates more than a bell that is constantly ringing. What is a Road Gremlin?

Noble Bells are used in falconry and have been field tested on hawks and falcons all over the world for the last couple of decades. For more information see: Company Bio

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Noble Ride Bells is a small company dedicated to providing quality hand-made biker bells to the motorcycle riding community. When you buy a Noble Ride Bell for your bike or as a gift for a friend, you can be assured that you are getting a quality bell that is hand-crafted in the American Midwest.

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